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“The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.”

Sir William Osler

Treatment Areas

Imagine a life free from pain. That’s the goal of Custom Physical Therapy and Fitness.

Our professionals offer effective treatments, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, for a body that feels and functions like it should. Here are just some of the common conditions we treat:



Whether you suffer from headaches, TMJ, concussion or inner ear issues, a variety of treatments for the head and neck are available. These therapies help you regain balance and enjoy comfortable living once again.

Elbow | Wrist | Hand

We help you get relief from tennis elbow, carpal tunnel and fractures – and much more — to return you to a full range of motion.


An individualized course of manual therapy and exercises helps patients enjoy relief from pain, stiffness and weakness in the upper, mid and lower back.

Hip | Knee | Foot

Your lower body bears the weight of daily living and, often, that comes with injury or upset. We effectively treat lower extremities for relief from bursitis, ACL tears, patellar tendinitis, pain or injury to the Achilles and plantar fasciitis and more.


Injury and overuse can cause pain and limited use of the shoulder. Our professionals provide treatment and rehabilitation for rotator cuff injuries, labral repair and much more.

Condition-Specific Treatment Plans



Physical therapy offers relief to fibromyalgia patients by strengthening and stretching the muscles to help ease pain and fatigue. In addition, your therapist will help you learn correct body alignment to reduce undue pressure on the joints. Your therapist will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs to provide optimum comfort and mobility.


To help build bone and reverse slow bone loss, your therapist will create a custom treatment plan that includes a variety of therapies, like weight-bearing or resistance exercises. Additionally, movement combines with body alignment training to reduce your risk of falls and provide relief from any discomfort you may feel.


Your physical therapist will create a customized treatment plan that helps you get moving again. With a focus on proper body posture, we help you increase mobility in the joint and increase joint support through strengthening. With training and balance exercises, your therapist will help you reduce your reliance on support devices and medications to assist you in daily living for optimum mobility and enjoyment.

Women’s Health

You may be surprised, but physical therapy can be a valuable tool for women. Whether pre- or post-natal, pre- or post-surgery, incontinence or a weakened pelvic floor, we can help. Our kind therapists listen closely to your concerns and work diligently to put you on a path to comfortable, confident living.


Both pre- and post-operative mastectomy patients benefit from physical therapy. Using movement to strengthen the upper body and core, your care regimen will help maintain movement, reduce scar tissue, restore sensation and manage the pain associated with the procedure.


At Custom Physical Therapy and Fitness, we work to identify the aggravating factors while training patients on proper form and strengthening exercises to prevent future occurrences. To help your body heal, your therapist may offer suggestions to improve the ergonomics and function of your environment.


When you experience swelling due to lymphedema, your physical therapist can help. Using a combination of hands-on care, compression and movement — and creating a plan of care and self-management routine — patients can control swelling and return to normal activities.

Patient Success Tip

Don’t skip your appointment when you’re in pain. Communicate openly and honestly with your therapist about your pain level upon arrival so they may adjust your day’s activities accordingly. But, whatever you do, do not stay home.

Patient Success Tip

Whether you want to walk the dog without pain or join your favorite partner for tennis, choose a goal with the help of your therapist, set a specific deadline and stay focused on where you want to be to make tough therapy sessions pass a little easier.

Patient Success Tip

Don’t overdo it. As you gain strength and endurance, it’s tempting to do more reps or lift heavier weights. Resist. Follow your therapist’s instructions to the letter as overdoing it could hinder your progress.
As a former football player, I found myself in constant discomfort until I connected with Dr. Miller. From the very first visit, she transformed my body and beliefs about physical therapy. I feel better now than I have in years and encourage you to give Custom Physical Therapy and Fitness a try.
Julian Rauch